Project info

Branding Machine

Device’s Extra Blade, which is of crucial importance, is made out of Steel and is used for deep pots, such as pots with 130 and 500 liter capacity. When buying the product, the costumer must choose the blade with regard to his or her needs. Extra Blade will be installed on the main shaft using Steel; moreover, it is adjustable so that the position and height of the mixer would be acceptably functional.

An additional mixing paddle will be inside the pot for purposes such as stirring, mixing, sweeping and moving the content so that there would be no burnt part

  • Machine’s Function: To bake walnut cookie,

    Bamiyeh (Fried Dough Food), Masghati, Sohan,

    Jam and Halva.

  • Components’ Material: Framework and body is full Steel
  • Product Types: single-layered and heated double-layered