About Bread

Bread always has a great place for Iranian and it is main food of our countrymen. Significant portion of the protein and energy that people need it is provided by bread. Undoubtedly, production and distribution of healthy bread is effective in maintain of health of community.

The breads made by bran flour, and cooked by leaven, without use of baking soda, with mild, uniform and indirect flame are the healthiest bread.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education has banned the use of baking soda in bakery units due to the onset of digestive tract complications, impairment in absorbance, such as iron.

Breads made by leaven have a high nutritional value, have a good digesting ability, and their waste are much less than those made by baking soda. The scent of these breads is not at all comparable to breads made by baking soda and has a better permanency.

  • Features of a good bread

Good appearance: Fully roasted, cooked and the burn not found on it.

Suitable flavor: tasty, having sweet smell, without baking soda

Suitable texture: soft and uniform texture due to fermentation with leaven and favorableness in the cutting ability.

Being Nutritious of Bread:

Breads made by leaven and fully flour have higher nutritional values than white breads, and their daily consumption can provide some of the body’s daily needs for salts, proteins, fiber and vitamins.

Types of Breads

  • Sangak Bread
About Bread
About Bread

This bread that made by leaven and full flour has the top place in Iranian breads and the other features are good scent, being nutritious and the ability of feeding.

Because of having plenty amount of fiber, Sangak has easy digestion and the nutrition experts pay attention to it a lot.

Because of its traditional baking style and its shape and scent rather than other breads, Sangak has a great role in Iranian meals especially in breakfast.



Barbary Bread
Barbary Bread
  • Barbary Bread

Barbary bread is one of the best and famous bread in Iran provided that dough of that is made by leaven, baking accompany with fermentation and a uniform and gentle cooking temperature.

In recent years, due to lack of awareness and in order to save time and money, some of bakers use baking soda to make leaven of Barbary without attention the fact that permanency and nutritional value of bread will decrease and disposal and waste of it will increase. Unfortunately, baking soda is used in broadening surface of bread while it can be used suitable material in order to eliminate this part of baking. In old days, bakers used the liquid made by yoke to broadening surface of bread to increase nutritional value as well becoming brilliant and softness the surface of bread.  Unfortunately, this part is eliminated because of decreasing cost and economical factors.


Lavash and Taftoon Bread
Lavash and Taftoon Bread
  • Lavash and Taftoon Bread

The statics shows plenty consumption of these types of breads. Taste of our homelands admires these breads. But unfortunately these breads don’t have nutritional value and usually made by baking soda and a lot of salt.

These breads have lots of disposal and waste for fermentation and baking time and too much consumption of those will creates problems for the homelands, such as impairment in the absorption of salts and poisoning with heavy metals.

Making dough with leaven, short time of baking, lack of awareness and consequently massive purchase of these types of bread, also improper maintenance at home caused to waste of breads damage economy of country few billion Rial per year.



Lavash and Taftoon Bread
Lavash and Taftoon Bread

Providing dough with batter, very short cooking time, lack of knowledge and, consequently, the massive purchase of these types of bread, as well as improper maintenance at home, caused the batch of waste a few hundred billion USD to cause damage to the economy of the country!

  • Bulk bread and semi-bulk

These bundles of bread will be of high nutritional value if they are produced with wholemeal flour. The dough processing of these breads is made using dough, and the optimum brewing time for bread fermentation and the release of gases from the dough makes the dough become quite bulky. Thanks to the breakdown of starchy streaks, the dough makes digestion easier for digestion.

All of the above, plus the high fiber content in these breads (whole wheat, barley, rye, etc.) will increase their nutritional value and improve the nutrition of the community.

Some people mistakenly break the brains of these breads (which are the most nutritious part of the bread), but nevertheless these nutritious breads are less wasteful than other breads, provided that they are freshly consumed and can be consumed as a bystand Prevented.

  • Important tips on choosing and buying bread

– Avoid buying unlicensed packaged breads from supermarkets or grocery stores.

– Avoid buying and consuming burnt bacon.

– Cooperate with the government in identifying and introducing bakery units that are still using baking soda and high salt for fast pouring and flour-proofing.

  • Health recommendations for long-term bread storage

– Give fresh and hot little bread to cool.

– After cooling the bread, slowly put the bread in a cloth or nylon bag and bring it home.

– Never use newspaper sheets to carry bread.

– You can cut your breads at your desired size and immediately put them in a special freezer bag and put it in a good atmosphere of a freezer that is far from other freezer packets and hold it for a long time.

Avoid collecting hot breads inside the nylon bags, because this action makes the bread to become dough and increase the amount of bread discharged.

– As much as you can consume fresh bread and avoid buying overweight, seriously.

– Bread excessive = Lavish = Bulk waste = Serious damage to national capital.


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