Why our services?

Edalatkar Co. has made a conscious effort to obtain high-quality materials, in every stage of manufacturing, using the best and the most advanced and up-to-date equipment, in order to fulfill the demands of its clients with different preferences.

  • Affordable prices for customer satisfaction
  • Professional Members

  • Quality assurance in the services provided
  • Follow the Day-Design Methods in the World
  • Delivered on time and without delay
  • Gaining customer satisfaction at all stages of implementation

Ask us the best of the day and ahead of the day fit with the need.

Advantage of cooperating with us

abstract : this unit has been able to respond to subscribers across the country with minimum amount of time and maximum quality may be part of the design of company Esfahanedalatkar systems based on survey forms in post – sales services from customers ‘ point of view and is always the idea of subscribers to build a special place .